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SurGIS of Texas Corporation

- Bringing integrity back to surveying with over 45 years of real world experience -

Our Story

SurGIS of Texas Corporation is a woman-owned state certified land surveying HUB located in Helotes, TX, right outside of loop 1604. It was founded in 2012 by Lydia McCloskey (President) and her husband Philip Hampton (Vice-President, Lead RPLS) because they felt many organizations out there looked at surveying as an add-on or a lost leader to their Engineering department rather than making the Survey a priority. Those types of organizations don't understand that customers enjoy a company that deals with their survey, whatever the type, as if it is the foundation of their project. Treating Surveying in this manner lends itself to bad practices. Surveying is an art and is the oldest profession in the world - why would you treat it like a second class division?

This is why SurGIS of Texas has such focus on bringing integrity back to land surveying. Every survey we complete is done with the understanding that this is the foundation of our clients project. Everything done afterwards, whether it be transferring a land title, putting in a new well or building a courthouse is reliant upon the information in our survey being accurate. With over 45 years of land surveying experience, and having served hundreds of clients, both private and government entities, all across Texas, we understand the need for accuracy and integrity in our work and we ensure it guides us in every decision we make.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to our clients – to execute the demands and goals of our client in a manner to promote our clients product or service and through technology, enhance and improve our clients’ resources and profits.

Our commitment to our employees – improve working conditions, atmosphere and the needs of our employees through education and a more flexible work ethic.

Our commitment to the public – as surveyors we accept the ethic responsibilities to our clients. As surveyors we also have a responsibility to the public in assuring that we follow the regulations set forth by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveyors and the Laws of the State of Texas.

Our Services

Today, we offer a variety of land surveying services such as Tree and Location, As-Builts, Topographic, Boundary and Subdivision, Construction Staking, ALTA & TSPS, FEMA Flood Certificates, Right of Way and more.

No matter the project, we ensure we take the time and care to get it done right the first time. Please feel free to contact us for a quote or if you have any questions about the surveys we provide.

Indepth look at our Services
Lydia McCloskey Profile Picture
Lydia McCloskey, President and Co-Founder

Lydia McCloskey is the President and Co-Founder of SurGIS of Texas Corporation. Lydia founded the company with her husband, Philip Hampton, in 2012 with the intention of bringing integrity back to the land surveying profession. When she is not working at SurGIS, Lydia fills her free time by tending to her extensive garden and narrating audiobooks for various authors.

Philip Hampton Profile Picture
Philip V. Hampton, RPLS, Vice-President and Co-Founder

Philip Hampton is the Vice President and Co-Founder of SurGIS of Texas Corporation, as well as its lead RPLS. Philip has over 45 years of land surveying experience under his belt, having started off surveying with his father at local golf courses in the Texas valley. At this time, Philip is one of only a handful of registered surveyors in the state of Texas with his specialized list of certifications.

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